Full HD PoE Box IP Camera


Full HD PoE Box IP Camera

-Full HD Resolution
-Viewing Window and ePTZ

PoEConnection Type

The DCS-3715 is a full HD, full frame rate network camera with H.264 compression that delivering vivid high-quality live video over the Internet. The high-quality video feed is convenient for searching and identifying any necessary details such as a security breach. The DCS-3715 features multiple streaming feeds and flexible viewing window settings for multi-purpose surveillance (regular recording or mobile view). An IR-cut removable (ICR) filter is equipped for day and night views. There is also a built-in SD card slot that the camera can use for local backup to store important events on an easily retrievable SD card.

Full HD Surveillance

The DCS-3715 delivers high quality streaming Full HD 16:9 widescreen IP video surveillance. The high-performance vari-focal lens makes the DCS-3715 suitable for a variety of environments and provides a high-quality image. In order to take advantage of the high resolution, the viewing window is designed to provide the user with a flexible setting to monitor multiple ROIs (Region of Interest) with a single camera. The ePTZ functions to simulate wide area surveillance by using digital zoom along with pan/tilt control.

Multiple Video Streams

The DCS-3715 supports simultaneous streaming of H.264, MPEG-4, and MJPEG video to provide both high-quality and bandwidth-efficient compression formats. H.264 produces a small file size, making it useful for extended recording with high detail or for use in low-bandwidth networks. MJPEG delivers excellent file integrity, ideal for situations which require extensive image detail. Additionally, the DCS-3715 supports multicast H.264 streaming, allowing users to view the camera feed by subscribing to a multicast IP address on the network.

Flexible Connectivity

The DCS-3715 includes input and output ports for connectivity to external devices such as IR sensors, switches, and alarm relays. It also comes with an RS-485 interface, providing connectivity to an optional pan/tilt scanner. The DCS-3715 also incorporates Power over Ethernet (PoE), allowing it to be easily installed in a variety of locations without the need for supplemental power cabling or a nearby power outlet.

Advanced Web User Interface

The DCS-3715 features D-Links latest-generation graphical user interface. This freshly-designed web interface features a clean, compact, and professional home screen which dramatically increases usability. Menu navigation is simplified thanks to a tree view which logically groups functions, helping users to quickly find what they need. Likewise, intuitive graphic icons reduce the amount text and clutter within the browser window. New users will appreciate the convenient contextual help which offers an easy way to find assistance with camera management tasks.

D-ViewCam for Management

The included D-Link D-ViewCam is sophisticated software which allows users to manage up to 32 network cameras, set e-mail alert notifications, create recording schedules, and use motion detection to automatically record video when movement is detected. D-ViewCam also allows users to upload a floor plan to create a realistic layout of the premises where cameras are located, further simplifying the management process.

3GPP Mobile Surveillance

Support for 3GPP Mobile Surveillance allows users to view a live video feed from a 3GPP compatible mobile device connected to the Internet. This allows users to check the cameras video feed while on the go without a computer.

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