ADSL2+ N600 Dual Band Wireless Router


ADSL2+ N600 Dual Band Wireless Router

Complete Internet Solution
High-Speed Connectivity
Robust Security Features


• Built-in ADSL2+ modem for connecting to your high-speed broadband Internet connection.
• Four Gigabit LAN ports to connect wired devices for high-speed online activities.
• Fast 802.11n wireless for reliable long-range wireless connections to devices throughout your home.
• USB 2.0 port to share a printer, USB storage, or 3G modem.
• NAT firewall to control traffic and prevent exploits and intrusions.
• WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) to quickly and securely add devices to your network.
• WPA/WPA2 encryption to secure your wireless traffic.
Easy Setup
• Web browser-based setup and configuration.
• Setup wizard.

The DSL-2544N ADSL2+ N600 Dual Band Wireless Router is everything you need for high speed Internet access for your entire home. It combines an ADSL2+ modem and high-end wireless router together to create a single, easy to use device that connects to the Internet, and shares that connection with all of your devices. Plug in a USB storage drive to effortlessly share your documents, video, photos, music, and more so you can stream your digital media library to your TV, PC, tablet, or smartphone.

ADSL2+ Modem and Router Combination

The DSL-2544N combines the functionality of a high-speed ADSL2+ broadband modem and a wireless router in one device, meaning there’s no need for separate modem and wireless router devices. Connect to your ADSL2+ Internet Service Provider with downlink speeds of up to 24 Mbps, then immediately share the Internet connection with both wireless and wired devices. One of the Gigabit LAN ports can also be converted into a WAN port using the configuration utility, meaning that you can also share an Internet connection from an Ethernet cable should DSL not be available.

Fast and Reliable Home Network

With the ADSL2+ N600 Dual Band Wireless Router, you can create a high-speed home network with high-speed N600 wireless, for a reliable connection to wireless devices, and Gigabit LAN ports for blazing fast wired connection speeds. 802.11n wireless gives you the bandwidth to stream HD multimedia and feature-rich content across your home, so you can browse the Internet and stream digital media at combined speeds of up to 600 Mbps1 across two separate bands.

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